Time Attendance Management Software

Time and Attendance software solution delivers the functionality and flexibility to support the demanding and complex time management requirements of your organization. Going far beyond traditional time and attendance systems, TimeWatch's Time and Attendance software can significantly improve the efficiency of your business, eliminating unneeded effort and simplifying the daily time management activities for all of the members of your workforce. Our time and attendance solution is designed specifically to support the complex requirements of enterprise-class implementations.

Time AttendanceTime and Attendance software is designed for every need of any modern Time Office. With several reports beautifully designed and accurately generated it fulfils the needs of all the departments of any industry or business establishments. All the repetitive, manual, time consuming work is made simpler and the reports are generated in time. This includes even some of the statutory reports required by Government. Huge Number of reports are generated through our System which have been highly appreciated not only by the TimeOffice, but by the Personnel Department, Accounts Department, EDP Department and the General Management of everyorganization.


  • This Software works with all type of access made attendance recorder having all different type of communication options including TCP/IP
  • Software is Network environment compatible. Works on all type of Windows Network.
  • Multi User environment with selected rights allocation facility
  • Online Data Capturing and processing the same data in real online mode is also available with this software.
  • Single software can be used for multiple companies. Facility for creating multiple companies and setting different rules for them.
  • Easy Master data creation facility for employee, department, category, section, shift, Holidays, Leaves etc.
  • All types of schedule generation and maintenance capability.
  • Short Leaves, Half day and Outwork entry provisions through software also.

Reports : Daily Reports

This report can be generated after transferring the data from the Attendance machine into your computer. Management for making quick decisions may require these reports

Late Arrival This report provides the information of all the employees who have come late on the date specified.
Absenteeism It provides the information of the employees who are absent on the date specified
Attendance This report shows the attendance of all the employees on the date specified. This report shows department wise analysis: showing number of employees present, absent, on leave and having weekly off on the date specified.

Monthly Reports

These reports are generated monthly.

Performance This report shows the Monthly performance of an employee.
Employee Wise
This report shows the attendance details of employees like total present, absent, leave, weekly off, OT and OT amount for a month
Department Wise
This report shows the department wise attendance details of employees like total employees in the department, number of presents, absent, on leave and on weekly off.

Yearly Reports

This report shows the all Yearly Report according to your selection like, Form14,Form B etc.

Late Arrival
Notice / Memo
After capturing the date from the TIMEWATCH machine you can get the information of late arrival of the Employee. For this report you have select a particular date and then press the generate button for generation of report and send the Notice / Memo.
Absenteeism This report shows the attendance chart of the Employees on the desired date. It is used for any date of which data has been captured from the terminal.
Late Arrival
This report shows continuously how many days the Employee is late.
Early Departure
This report shows continuously how many days the Employees is early Departure
Continuous Absenteeism This report shows how many days the Employee is Continuous Absenteeism

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